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Choosing a Landline phone for your home and business purpose sometimes can be just about as difficult as choosing the right mobile phone for yourself . There are multitupe of options of various brands are available  and each with their own set of impressive features . Also one has to keep in mind the different specification according to there suitability and requirement in order to get the best possible performance and voice quality.


So to choose the Alcatel landline phones consider following things:


Analog or digital: earlier time the landline phones came was Analog but Morden times IP phones are also picking up the pace and very much in fashion.

Features: one have to be cautious with features while choosing phone like Caller ID , Phone book , speaker phone , SIP account etc .


To meet all these expectations the best in the domain of landline phones is Alcatel : Home & business Phones with wide range of product line and special features . They broadly classified in two categories i.e Analog Phones and IP Phones.


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