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If we look in the past the consumers had not much demand but slowly and steadily large companies entered in the market and start operating their business. But consumers had not much time to travel so far to the shopping stores.

So large companies started to sell out their products through online medium through which consumers can select the product and even though compare the products at a time of buying from the different brands.

E commerce is the new way to trade between one party to another. It is the way through which buying and selling is done and consumer can transfer or pay the amount through online. It is very convenient way for the business as well as for the consumers. It is currently in the trend so major population preferred to go for online. If we talk about its benefits then it would be- speed of access, wide availability of the products and services, easy accessibility etc.

In India with 1000 years of old culture, Indian lifestyles have always captivating. Currently, we have shown some major upbringings in the Indian lifestyle. All these changes in the lifestyle are accepted by the youth of India.

Indians too have technology controlling their lives remarkably. Technology has become very important part of our daily life because of which the gully cricket has now been substituted by Temple Run or Angry Birds.

Technology is very drastic which changes very fastly because of high competition in the market. The lifestyle products is conceived by all these changes in the technology. And for all these changes we have launched a new platform i.e. Kancha.in. It is the India’s first online technological online e-portal.

Kancha is one of the technological online destination from where customer can find out new products which help them to enhance the lifestyle. The products offered by the Kancha are-


2 Mopbot

3 RR Glasses

4 Bluetooth Microphone

5 IT & Networking

6 Protective Gear

Kancha provide the services and pretty good facilities to their customers- vast selection, low prices, fast & reliable delivery, trusted & convenient experience. So Kancha is a place which provides the technological environment to customers so that the customer no need to go anywhere else.

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