An Ideal eCommerce Site for Lifestyle Products1

India is not just a land of multiculturalism, but if we look beyond that then you would readily find one thing which is unmatched, yes, it's the ever-growing consumerism. & as per the research

An Ideal eCommerce Site for Lifestyle Products1

when customers are getting the right place on which they are able to figure out the trending life style fashions that are prevailing in the market, it keeps them captivated and and gel up with the current trends in the world. 

As an embodiment of the interests, attitudes, and opinion of a group of people, lifestyle products fulfill the call for want of convenience or comfort. They guide and motivate people to achieve the consumer’s way of life and have given birth to a many social phenomenon, attracting attention and recognition by the masses.
There exists a multitude of online retailers that sell products and services that one can find in every nook and corner of the internet.  

Keeping in mind the current trend and ever growing demand, we have launched India’s first technological lifestyle e-com portal

Kancha is one such customer-centric online destination for customers to discover products that enhance their lifestyles. It believes in the theory “Variety is the spice of life” and strives to provide its customers, more of what they want from a wide range of products. Keeping in mind the convenience that customers lookout for, Kancha is forever on the move to provide them products with reasonable prices, fast and reliable delivery, and a trusted and convenient experience. 

Kancha is a one stop shop for your answers. It transforms the unique technology landscape and fulfils the need of that section which is always on the move with the ever growing appetite for new techies. 

Kancha has a plethora of products suited up to meet your lifestyle needs. Developed with the best of cutting edge technologies available in the market, its products are more of an investment than mere purchase. Currently, Kancha offers these products as briefly described below.

Sailor BATTBOT: A skateboard-like device, it is easy to learn with minimal effort, anyone can win allegiance over this extended blessing of wheels for your legs. It is one of the most innovative means for mobility. It works pretty much in the same way as a Segway, with the only difference being the fact that it comes in both variants with ad without handles. And to add cherry to the cake, they come with built-in speakers and Bluetooth for a more pleasurable ride.

MOPBOT: Those stubborn piles of dust that refuses to go into the dustpan, those annoying strands of hair that sticks everywhere except the head, those mounts of dirt that refuses to budge no matter how much you clean them, should worry you no more. Organize for them a grand farewell with Kancha’sMopbots that sweep back and forth with its cleaning pads, in straight lines across the floor for a satisfied, daily cleaning spree.

Reel reality glasses that use newly developed 3D zoom glasses for mobile users to enjoy 3D experience at home, office or anywhere, anytime. It’s lightweight designed makes portability more convenient.

Bluetooth microphone: You can get you own quality recording at home with the Bluetooth Microphone that can be connected through simple steps, adjusting the volume according to your want, for processing in music or any other audio application.

Protective gear: So whether you go hiking, biking, climbing, or riding, ensure that you have your safety insured with Kancha’s highly protective pad, made of durable and soft EVA padded material with tough plastic plates, with its knee, elbow and wrist pads provisioned with elastic magic straps, and comes in adjustable sizes.

IT&Networking: Kancha also deals with other IT& Networking devices like wireless networks, access points, telecommunication, using the smartest of technologies, in the most operable ways. It is at pace with the rapidly developing IT sectors in the country.

Kancha feels that Being an industry prominent today is in no way a security blanket to confirm tomorrow’s success and in order to maintain competitive advantage and emerge as an industry leader tomorrow, we are driving aggressively and ready to take on the challenge to become trendsetter

Keeping in mind the valuable money that the customers invest, Kancha also offers its services during and after the sales. The products also come with a warranty period during which, the services provided will be free of cost. They also come with assistance in terms of maintenance.

KanchaTeam will also be present to help customers in the installation of the devices and electronic gadgets that have been bought from them. We are leaving no stones unturned in their endeavors to serve their customers to their utmost satisfaction. Where arises the question of monetary investments, we have EMI to the rescue.
Quick delivery and efficient services 24 hours and 7 days a week, their services can be accessed at any hour, any day.
To add to the advantages, Kancha has a plateful of offers and discounts. There are special discounts for the student community and armed forces personnels. We also have seasonal and festival offers as when the occasions arise.

Taking this into view, a step into the premises of Kancha will certainly assure that you return as a satisfied customer. As can be rightly witnessed, it is the right answer to all the questions of technology and lifestyle products. Aspiring to be a brand, winning trust over its customers throughout the country, Kancha is striving to promote technology, planting the future in each of their products, made solely in the home country, India and changing the ever-evolving face of manufacturing in the country.

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